Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers Club Complaints and Grievance Procedure


Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers will take seriously its responsibilities towards members and visitors in ensuring that it provides a safe and equitable environment for all. It adopts transparent policies that are developed in line with UK Athletics guidelines and welcomes constructive interaction with members and others. Notwithstanding this it recognises that on occasions individuals may wish to register a complaint or grievance and, in such cases, it will follow the procedure set out below.


It is club policy that this procedure will be adopted in a manner so as to make those wishing to register a complaint or grievance to feel they may do so safe in the knowledge it will be dealt with fairly and that they should feel free to raise their concerns without fear of victimisation or reprisal. It is further considered to be appropriate that wherever possible such matters should be dealt with amicably within the club itself, preferably bilaterally between the aggrieved party and the person believed by them to be the cause of the issue or concern. Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers  accepts that in some circumstances this may be considered to be inappropriate in which case the matter may be referred to another party within the club. Although club members are asked to follow this policy club members are always free to pursue a complaint directly through the UKA processes should they consider it appropriate to do so.

Non-formal process

If an issue has arisen and you are concerned about making a direct approach on your own, you should speak in confidence to a member of the Committee. Ideally, the Committee Member’s advice will help you deal with the situation yourself or, if not, he/she can speak to the person on your behalf. If on your behalf, the Committee Member will need to advise the person that the issue was raised by you, the nature of the issue, and the effect it is having on you. Hopefully once this is pointed out to the person concerned, the matter can be resolved in a low-key manner.

Formal Process

Where it has not been possible to resolve an issue in the above way, or you consider the matter serious enough to warrant a formal complaint, you should send a letter, setting out the nature of the complaint and the effect it is having on you, to the Club Secretary. The matter will then be considered by the Committee at the next committee meeting.

  • If the grievance involves others, they will be invited to give their version of events.
  • Privacy will be respected and confidentiality maintained, so far as practical.
  • Advice/guidance from external sources may be sought as necessary
  • The aggrieved individual will be formally notified in writing of the outcome in all cases.  This notification will include:
    1. The nature of the grievance
    2. The details of the investigation conducted
    3. The decision
    4. The reasons for the decision
    5. Any actions as a result of the decision
    6. A copy of the notes of the meeting, if relevant
    7. A copy of the above will also be provided to the person/group against which the grievance/complaint is raised

Save the date: 13th March, 2022

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