Stephan Tomaszewski

I joined T&S Harriers back in 1998, 21 years ago so I suppose that makes me a senior club member now.

Back then, Rob Burn & his brother Merv were amongst the fastest in the club and it took some hard training to get within a distant sight of them at the end of a race, in fact it has taken me about 12 years of training to pass the finish line of a race at the same time as Rob. I think this first happened in 2010.

The first time I won the Men’s Club Championship was in 2012, which was a brilliant feeling, beating the fast boys in the club. The next year Rob was back on form and the Men’s Club Championship was a hard fought task each & every race, with the deciding race down to the last race of the year, the ‘Croft Cross Country’ in December 2013. I remember every gruelling stride of that hilly 4 lap course, checking whether Rob was gaining on me. At the end of the race we were both absolutely shattered, but managed to shake each others hand, and then nervously awaited Ian Coding to work out the final Championship result. The next day, Ian reported that Rob had beaten me by just 1 point – what a close year that was !.

In recent years we have now got some other good athletes showing their ‘metal’, such as Josh, Ken & Tom amongst others, who the only way of competing with them (when you are a senior club member) is by Percentage Performance & Age Adjustment Tables – thank god for those Statisticians !!!

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