Marc Davies

During the latter part of the Ripon 10 heading down the rough track I could hear a runner behind me, then I suddenly saw someone fall to my side. Unfortunately he took a nasty fall and ended up badly gashed and bleeding and with a couple of finger-ends pointing the wrong direction. I did what anyone would, stopped and offered assistance. It was heartening how many passing runners also stopped or offered assistance (tissues and water). I stayed with him until the paramedic arrived as he was I suspect suffering some minor shock quite apart from his physical  injuries. I was more than happy to side-line my finish to assist someone in need. I’ve since seen Robert at meets and know he is pleased to be back up and running. I’m sure I was only doing what I would hope someone would do for me in similar circumstances, however I’m very pleased to be ‘Runner of the Month’. The voucher is already spent thanks!

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