Ken Wood

I was encouraged to join Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers by a very good friend after spending some time running on my own, primarily to get fit and to get into shape! I never had any aspirations of competing at any level, you could say I was just happy plodding along. Been involved with the Harriers very quickly improved my running and general fitness and been in a group environment brought about a hidden competitive streak which I felt more and more compelled to test. Small scale local races were the starting point where I began to find my level, before moving a little further afield with slightly more challenging races and competitors. Running socially and competitively with the club culminated at the Edinburgh Marathon in May of this year when I knocked 20 minutes of my previous marathon time crossing the line in 2 hours 59mins 31secs! My message to anybody looking to join Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers, is that we have a great all inclusive club, with great coaches where you can take part at any level, but no matter what standard you start at, and if you want to, you can improve and you can surprise yourself. Happy Running folks!

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