Sessay Swift – race report

It was a pleasant evening for the second running of the Sessay Swift 6k, a flat, rural road race based on the lovely village of Sessay.  34 Harriers were among the 80 finishers of the race, hosted by the club.  The race was won by Nick Zissler of Richmond and Zetland Harriers in 20.08, with Carl Jones of the same club 2nd in 20.44.  Harrier, Steve Middleton was close on his heels, 3rd in 20.46, and Greg Macdonald came 5th, and 1st M40, only ten seconds behind in 20.56.  Stephan Tomaszewski was 14th, and 1st M50, in 22.29, just pipping Craig Lee, 15th in 22.30,  Rupert Forrest 21st in 23.43,  Rob Burn 24th, and 1st in his new category, M60, in 24.07,  Paul Clarke 27th in 24.51,  Rob Lickley 29th in 25.34,  Bryan Miller 31st in 25.54,  Steven Scott 34th in 26.49,  Derek van der Westhiden 35th in 27.11, Marc Davies 39th in 28.28,  Fiona Needham 40th, and 1st F45, in 28.33,  Pat Kirby 41st, and 1st F60, in 28.39,  Nicola Jenkins 42nd in 28.46,  Fran Jeffery 43rd in 28.51,  Brian Smith 44th in 29.24, Stuart Waters 45th in 29.25,  Rebecca Hartley 46th in 29.42, Felicity Forrest 47th in 29.54, Sune van der Westhuisen 50th in 30.20,  Malcolm Aitken 52nd in 31.14,  Claire Gillan 53rd in 31.15,  Sonja van der Westhuisen 54th in 31.19,  Andrew Peckitt 58th in 32.26,  Christine Burn 59th in 32.58,  Phillip Craig 62nd in 33.36,  Lynne Jackson 64th in 33.54,  Janet Balmain 65th in 33.55, Andrea Almack 67th in 34.08,  Julie Forster 68th in 34.43,  Ian Codling 73rd in 37.12,  Bev Davies 74th in 39.23 and Drikus van der Westhuisen, in his first outing for the club, 76th in 40.04.

Sincere thanks are expressed to all who ran and to all who helped with marshalling, both members and non-members, and especially to Bernard Sherwood and Ian Codling who marked out the course before the race and collected up the signs afterwards.  Grateful thanks to Maggie Griffin who collated the results, and to guest marshal Brian Flintoff who masterminded the car parking.

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