Roseberry Topping Fell Race

Ian and I decided it would be interesting to go and watch the Roseberry Topping Fell Race. To be able to see the runners scampering up Roseberry would, we thought be fascinating, and Pam said she would join us. We left Thirsk on a fine evening though there were a few clouds around. As we got nearer to Great Ayton we notice low clouds on the hill tops, and this got worse and worse so that by the time we arrived at Roseberry it was covered in a thick mist, a fine drizzle was falling and we couldn’t see a thing!  Undeterred, we walked up the lane and saw the start of the race – an amazing 93 competitors!  We stood just through the gate near the foot of Roseberry, and before long, the first runners came charging back at an unbelievable speed down the hill out of the mist. It was thrilling to see Noel arrive 4th with Pete not far behind in 7th.

Runners overcame the gate in various ways, some climbing over the field gate, some going through the kissing gate, others climbing over the wire-netting fence topped with barbed wire, and one man astonished us by hurdling the 4ft 6 wire fence without breaking his stride!  Steve and Alan weren’t far behind, and altogether it was most impressive, even though we couldn’t see a thing most of the time, and got quite wet! Alan told us afterwards that one man fell (probably more than one – is that why it’s called a fell race?) and dislocated his shoulder but before he’d gone far another runner had come clattering into him and put the shoulder back in again!!! We did notice a runner arrive back with his arm hanging limply by his side! There was a feeling of euphoria from the runners as they assembled at the bottom after the race waiting for their alcoholic prizes and Steve tried to convince us we should give it a go next year. Somehow I don’t think we will, though we might have a walk up some time on a fine day to try to see what route they all took. More in my line was the social gathering cum relay time trial at Beningborough the following evening at the invitation of Ernie and Pat. About 50 of us gathered, to run or to support, through the lovely grounds of Beningborough Hall in a 2.2 mile dash on an evening which didn’t quite keep clear of rain.

Afterwards, a wonderful barbecue supper was laid on by Ernie and Pat, followed by the most comprehensive array of delicious desserts imaginable, all eaten in their lovely garden in the not-quite-rain! Thankyou from everyone, Ernie and Pat, for really excellent evening.



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