Race Report 25/12/18

There was another big turnout, 419, for the Fountains Abbey Park Run, a final blow out before Christmas!  Mike Cropper just keeps on improving, and had yet another PB, 20.11, finishing in 31st place.  Stephan Tomaszewski came 34th in 20.22, and Lorraine Hiles 69th in 22.30.  New member, Adrian Saunders, was 84th in 23.12, Trish Radford 180th in PB 26.43, Liz Wordsworth 228th in 28.45, Chris Wordsworth 257th in 30.19, Paul Adams 296th in 32.10, Ian Crane 301st in 32.15, Martin Cummins 309th in 32.49, Gillian Crane 310th in 32.56, Jane Cummins 311th in 33.06, Ian Codling 376th in 37.22, Wendy Bennett 379th in 37.27 and Marian Codling 390th in 39.29. 

At Northallerton, Paul Bradford equalled his PB, coming 18th out of 80 in 24.25, with Duncan Fothergill also achieving a PB, 25.12 in 21st place.  Craig Ivey was 26th in 26.04, Phillip Craig 52nd in 30.18 and Siobhan Woodland, acting as sweeper, 80th in 45.01.

Peter Richardson had another trip to the Catterick event, finishing 50th out of 134 in 25.20, and Rosie Gatenby at Dalby Forest came 63rd out of 148 in 26.58. 

The previous weekend, 150 runners turned up on a lovely morning for the Preston Park 5k Trail Race, one of the Stockton Winter Series of races.  After heavy rain, there was plenty of water/mud in places but conditions were generally good, and Peter Richardson enjoyed the festive atmosphere to finish 48th in 24.58 with Ian Codling 142nd in 41.35 and Marian Codling 143rd in 42.13.

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