Race Report 18/05/21

The club’s virtual runs continue to attract large numbers of members, and 85 were involved in the latest one, the Nidd Valley HDSRL event – will the league itself have any events now that lockdown restrictions are slowly being reduced?  The out and back course from Stoneybrough to Moor Lane had road and good tracks, with lovely patches of cowslips in the verges, for those who had time to look!  The biggest hazard  was the weather, and choosing a time between heavy showers was sometimes a matter of luck!  Certainly there were muddy patches on the course in places but these were not a problem to Tom Levi, who was once again at the top of the tree, covering the 5.9 mile multi terrain course in 35.25 minutes.  The consistent and speedy Paul Peacock was 2nd in 36.55 with Matt Jones 3rd in 37.26, newish member Kieran Leppard 4th in 39.50, another new member, Joe Poole, 5th in 40.14, just pipping Jack Spence, 6th in 40.15, David Fawkes 7th in 40.50, Rob Burn 8th in 42.11, Alan Simpson 9th in 42.13 and Jody Sygrove 10th in 42.31.
Once again, the first three ladies were hard on the tail of the men, with Sarah Yeoman having an excellent run to finish 9th overall in 42.29, Gemma Tutty 2nd lady in 42.34 and the irrepressible Trudi Morrice 3rd in 42.41.  They were 10th, 12th and 13th overall respectively while Lorraine Hiles in 4th place took 46.24, Kirsty Naylor 5th in 47.08, Beth Leppard 6th in 48.32, Hilary Coventry 7th in 49.27, the improving Andrea Colls 8th in 51.05, just ahead of Clare Tempest 9th in 51.07 with another improving runner, Sarah Harrison, 10th in 51.44. 
Also running were Josh Cooper, Walter Busuttil, Mike Lowther, evergreen Geoff Bullock, Gary Bastow, Brett Edgeworth, Ken Wood, Martyn Coy, Andy Butcher, Gary Wilkinson, Paul Chapman, Dave Baker, David Tervit, Duncan Fothergill, Elliot Readman, Joe Lofthouse, Adrian Saunders, Dave Wood, Stephanie Hawkins, Pedro Carrasco, Tracey Lowther, Sonja van der Westhuisen, Alison Whiteley, Andy Whiteley, Joe Joyce, Steve Billings, Will Jagger, David Palmer, Helen Ashworth, Faith Coy, Sarah Scott, Tim Waistell, Lucy Sillars, Trish Radford, Alison Butcher, Joanne Hunt, Ken Evitt, Paul Goacher, Chris Wordsworth, Liz Wordsworth, Phillip Craig, Ruth Pollard, Christine Burn, Paul Adams, Richard Easby, Margaret Wikeley, Pat Kirby, Ellen Brookes, Clare Jones, Kimberli Werner, Bev Davies, Beth Haggath, Maureen Worley, Alan Wikeley, Craig Atherton, Simon McKeown, Faye Levi, Sharon Keegan, Sarah Goacher, Carol Thompson and Helen Hindmarch, running together and doing one of these events for the first time, Denise Gandy, Siobhan Woodland, Marian Codling, Hugh Jenyns and Rosie Gatenby – the latter two both carrying injuries.
Duncan Fothergill has set himself the task of improving his 5k time, and once again he got a PB 23.39, in notaparkrun park run.  Gary Wilkinson took 26.43, first timer, Katie Rees took 27.40, David Palmer 29.07, Caroline Pearce PB 29.47, Rosie Gatenby 32.17 and Sarah Harrison 32.50.

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