Race Report 15/06/21

A touch of normality is beginning to return with some externally organised races taking place.  A couple of appropriately named Hardmoors events took place at the weekend, which you could do either Saturday or Sunday, marathon or half marathon, run at the same time!  The start was at Sutton Bank, north along the Cleveland Way to Murton Grange and Rievaulx Abbey, with the marathon covering 28 miles and 1500 m ascent, the half marathon 16.5 miles, 500 m ascent.  (You always get a few bonus miles with Hardmooors events!)  The intrepid Tom Levi came a brilliant 5th out of 165 at Saturday’s Half Marathon event in 2.04.53 with equally intrepid Rosie Gatenby 93rd in 3.12.34 – both Club Captains as it happens!  Phillip Craig took part on Sunday and was 117th out of 131 in 4.21.17.  Paul Chapman tackled the full marathon and came 17th out of 96 in 3.30.28.  A fantastic achievement all round.  
Phillip Craig had also done the Kiplin Hall 10k on Wednesday, two 5k laps in the grounds of Kiplin Hall round the lake on dry, uneven grass with a couple of long inclines – to be recommended, says Phillip.
Meanwhile, the weekend also saw the return of the Burton Leonard 10k, a tough, mostly off road event, which attracted 228 finishers.  Gary Wilkinson was 79th in 53.00 and Kirsty Naylor 80th in 53.04.
A very busy weekend also saw the latest virtual club race, 5 mile Skipton HDSRL event, which could be run any time Thursday to Sunday, along a familiar course from last year in Kilburn Woods.  Some very hot weather added to the testing nature of this course, if you were unlucky, with the out and back route from Osgoody car park up to the hairpin bend on Sutton Bank.  The last mile toward the halfway point was up and bend, up and bend, up and bend, it seemed forever, and the target gate was a very welcome sight.  Coming back should have been easier, but by then, you were shattered!  Tom Levi was fastest, before his Hardmoors, presumably, in 32.30, with Paul Peacock 2nd in 32.53, Matt Jones 3rd in 34.19, Josh Cooper 4th in 35.19, Joe Poole 5th in 37.25, Rob Burn (how does he do it?) 6th in 38.23, Adrian Elsworth 7th in 38.26, David Fawkes 8th in 38.41, Mike Lowther 9th in 38.57 and Adam Leigh 10th in 39.01.  
For the first time for several weeks, there was no lady in the top 10 finishers, and Trudy Morrice came 12th, fastest lady, in 39.20, with new member, Bronwyn Mayo 2nd, 14th finisher, in 39.49, Gemma Tutty 3rd, 16th finisher, in 40.52, Kirsty Naylor 4th in 43.13, Lindsey Collins 5th in 43.40, Hilary Coventry 6th in 44.14, the improving Sarah Harrison 7th in 46.05, Sonja van der Westhuisen 8th in 46.27, Andras Colls 9th in 46.33 and Clare Tempest 10th in 46.42.
Also taking part among the 85 finishers in another of these extremely popular events were Paul Chapman (remember Hardmoors), Alan Simpson, Gary Bastow, Jody Sygrove, Andy Butcher, Dave Baker, Jack Spence, Martyn Coy, Paul Bradford, Brett Edgeworth, Pedro Carrasco, Gary Wilkinson – he also did notaparkrun park run as well as Burton Leonard, Geoff Bullock, Duncan Fothergill, Elloit Readman, Pete Jackson, Marc Davies, David Tervit, Helen Ashworth, Fran Jeffery, Pauline Percy, Tracey Lowther, Dave Wood, Trish Radford, Will Jagger, Faith Coy, Faith Levi, David Palmer, Alison Butcher, Alison Whiteley, Andy Whiteley, Joanne Hunt, Steph Hawkins, Paul Goacher, Lucy Sillars, Chris Wordsworth, Liz Wordsworth, Ken Evitt, James Stephenson, improving Drikus van der Westhuisen, Ruth Pollard, Richard Easby, Margaret Wikeley, Christine Burn, Pat Kirby, Clare Jones, Paul van der Westhuisen, Bev Davies, Kimberli Werner, Alan Wikeley, Bethany Haggath, Ellen Brookes, Craig Atherton, Adrian Saunders – who had a nasty fall after tripping over an uncontrolled dog, Carol Thompson, Helen Hindmarch, Sharon Keegan, Sarah Goacher, Liz Stephenson, Denise Gandy, Angie Weatherhead, Ian Codling, Marian Codling, Hugh Jenyns and Rosie Gatenby – remember Hardmoors!

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