Race Report 13/04/21

The Easter Handicap was held last week, on a course based on the Gateway track, and nearly 60 members and guests took part over a couple of hours on last Wednesday evening.  Times were calculated based on at least 2 monthly Time Trial times from the previous 3 months, with Duncan Fothergill working out the necessary maths!  Brett Edgeworth was presented with the Winner’s shield during a socially distanced club session last night and Kimberli Werner was in 2nd place.  On the evening of the run, Matt Jones had recorded the quickest time, 11.32, with Tom Levi 2nd in 12.26 and Joe Lofthouse 3rd in 12.26.  Well done to all participants on a thoroughly enjoyable event and thanks to Rob for sorting out a course.
Over the past difficult year, the club (ie mostly Rob Burn) has organised 23 virtual races, 9 monthly time trials, and 4 annual club handicaps.  The virtual races, with prizes, have been the foundation for the Club Championship and many more members have participated than would have been the case during normal times, when members would have needed to enter in advance and turn up on a specific date to run.  This year, you could run at any time over 4 stipulated days, often on a course near your home when travel any distance was banned.  An unexpected result has been the number of guests who have taken part, many of them then deciding to join the club – at least 30 on the last count.  A beginners group started this week, and was oversubscibed, with 40 people signing up.  Covid has perhaps reminded people of the need for regular exercise at a time when working from home could result in a very sedentary life style.
Paul Chapman was again instrumental in encouraging members to take part in notaparkrun park run 5k, with almost a dozen taking up the challenge this weekend.  Paul himself was quickest in 22.58, with Gary Wilkinson 23.35, Duncan Fothergill, again comfortably under his target 25 minutes, taking PB 24.36, Rob Lickley 25.37, Sarah Harrison PB 26.38, Andrea Colls 26.40, Pete Jackson 27.02, Liz Stephenson 34.42, Sharon Keegan 35.14, Maureen Worley PB 36.19 and Rosie Gatenby 36.23.

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