Fran Racing – Richmond HDSRL

After the Ossy Oiks fell race, came the Richmond installment of the HDSRL. Hilly, but mostly road this time.
I’d been told all about this killer hill on the route. Yeah, I’m a fell runner, I’m gonna eat that hill for breakfast… Turned out, they reversed the route and we ran down the hill instead. Dammit. 

My turn to drive and I’d had a bit of a panic about where we had to park, but a quick phone call to the font of knowledge AKA Ian, my fears were unfounded and we got there with no probs what so ever.
Even bigger turn out of T+S Harriers tonight as this race is part of our club championship, over 30 I think.

The start was part way up a hill, and the route carried on up the hill! It wasn’t overly steep, but it did go on rather.
After last night, I’d already decided not to ‘race’ as such tonight and just keep it slow and steady. I managed the hills without breaking this steady pace too much.
The killer hill made it’s presence felt in the form of a near vertical descent on gravelly tarmac! Eep! I can see why running up it might have been a struggle.
the route never lets up and now follows the Coast to Coast through quarry tips and along the valley top. the views of the Swale below and Richmond Castle beyond were stunning. The undulating path through the woods was sublime and I enjoyed a little bit of extra energy here, spurred along by a combination of the scenery and the fact we were approaching the finish!!
Back onto tarmac and a strong run (no sprinting tonight) into the finish funnel.

We hung around to watch all our team mates in, this was the first race for some and they did well!

Back to the cricket club for grub and chats before the long drive home, shower and bed.


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