XC Goes Well In Richmond

Yes, the cross country was on and congratulations to all those who ran. However it wasn’t too difficult, the sun was shining and very little snow. We had more mud to deal with than anything and it was the usual slog from start to finish. Why is it, on the up hill sections at Richmond it is always against the wind?
Monday 6th Feb 7pm Thirsk. School gym.
Wednesday 8th Feb Thirsk. School sports hall.    We are now up to 16mins and we’ll keep at this level for a couple of weeks. 4 x 4mins/ 2mins recovery.
From now on I will right down the wed pm sesssion as I know of quite a few who follow this schedule, those who can’t make it, on hols etc so I hope this will help and keep you on a level with the rest of the core group. Stay with the session and if you are really struggling ease off on the pace. Rob

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