World Mountain Running Championships – 13-16th August – Kilburn Woods

The Virtual World Mountain running Championships 2020.  That’s rather cool!!
Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th August. Kilburn Woods
Start and finish/ Osgoodby Bank car park just off/on the Kilburn to Bagby road.

The Start Line Tease

The Start Line Prayer

Course description; 
5 miles  and 1200′ of uppy and downy bits. The ultimate summer challenge. For this you require Speed, Strength, Core, Guts and Determination. Everything to test the perfect athlete. This event will test each and everyone ofyou. The course is set on permanent tracks, trails and footpaths and if you think about where you are going is easy to follow. Green arrows on the floor for the way out. Blue arrows for the way back. 

Set off straight down the forest drive from the car park and after approx 800 metres take the second turn on the right, climb for approx 300 metres and take the first turn right. Follow this narrow and undulating track until you come to a T junction at approx 1.1 mile, turn left and follow the well, worn track right up onto the top of Hood Hill. It is uphill all the way. 
Go straight over the top and take the centre line /track straight back down onto to the forest drive once again. This section is steep and if wet, can be slippery. Choose your footwear carefully. Once on the main track turn right and continue keeping right at the junction and climb the hill in front of you. Take the next left up a narrow gravelled path, onwards and up the Thieves Highway right to the top. Turn on top of Thieves Highway /Sutton Bank once you have gone around the wooden sign. Continue back the way you came. This section is narrow, rocky and can be slippery too so look out for people coming up.
Go straight back past the junction you crossed earlier, start to climb once more and take the first turning on the left , again looking out for runners coming at speed from in the opposite direction. Once the track starts to get steep take what is the second track on your right marked in blue. The steepness gets easier the further up you go. Once over the top, let yourself go downhill to the main track once again. Turn left and from here it is approx 800 metres to the finish.  
I have purposely not marked trees and not used plastic so we leave the landscape exactly how we found it. If you take bottles, gels etc. you bring the empties back. The paint will wash away in a few days.  Take only photographs, leave only footprints.
Use the left hand rule at all times as in all club runs ie. keep left when you approach another runner. There are narrow sections on the course. Down hill runners have the right of way because, simply, they won’t be able to stop.
Go early if you can because the car park gets full and so do the footpaths. Look out for walkers, dogs and bikes too.
There are 15 teams entered. Six runners per team and picked out of speed group hats to get as even a spread as possible. You cannot change teams. The team with the fastest combined total time will be the winning team. Any incomplete team will take the time of the slowest overall finisher to complete your team total. All members of the winning team will receive a prize which has kindly been donated by Martin Dobson who has been one of our guest runners throughout the summer. He would like to thank you all for being so friendly and also for letting him take part. As this is also a club championship race ie. Herriot Trail run. Prizes and points are as all previous virtual races. Team entries are now closed but you can still enter and run as an individual. No one will be turned away so encourage friends and other runners to take part. 

On the post to the left of the forest entrance is a pin board. Please write your name on a piece of paper and pin it to the board when you are on the course. We can look out for you while we run or watch. Take it down before you leave.

There will be a start/finish sign close to where you start. Along the bottom is my contact number. Please call me in case of an emergency, to organise the collection of your tee shirt and also to tell me how you have done. I would also like you to sign this sign on completion of your run. You will need a permanent marker pen to do this. Bring one with you because we can’t pass it around. ( hand sanitiser too!! )

 Please send in your results to Trish ASAP so I can fill in the finish times as the event unfolds.  (


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Here we are: it’s the start line tease  

The start line fidgets and the nervous wees 

Placebo effects of those compression sleeves  

The burning quads and the dodgy knees  

Preparing to struggle, to sweat, to wheeze  

Total discomfort and total unease  

Overheating to one hundred degrees –  

You freeze. 

What the hell am I doing?  

Running with toenails that are blackening and blueing  

Bubbling self-doubt and negativity is brewing  

Not fit enough, not fast enough thoughts are stewing,  

Chewing, chomping through your mind.  




Leave those Thoughts behind.  

Let’s start again for the start line tease  

The start line fidgets, the excited wees 

Wearing your trusty compression sleeves  

There’s fire in your quads, there’s life in your knees 

Knowing you’ll struggle, struggle through the breeze  

Embrace that discomfort, that total unease  

Embrace your body trying to please  

Embrace the race and the guarantee: 

The certainty that you will finish.  

Your heart will dance with celebration 

You will droop and flood with total elation 


Knowing you gave it your all.  

By Olivia Mulligan

Our Mountain Race, which unfolds through Kilburn, 

Honoured by thy hills; 

Thy runners come; 

Thy training is done 

On dirt as it is off road. 

Give us this day our daily strength. 

And forgive us our weaknesses, 

As we forgive legs that tend to mock us. 

And lead us not into temptation 

- the temptation of giving in. 

For this is our race

Our power, our glory, 

For ever and always. 



By Olivia Mulligan