Weekly Summary 10th June

Monday 10th June. 7pm.  Athletic Club.

Wednesday 12th June. 7pm  Athletic Club.      5 x 4 mins/ 2min recovery.    It sounds hard but it won’t be as hard as the run at Richmond!!

                    I had a look at the results from last Thursday nights race at Richmond and counted 36 T & S runners.  I feel sorry for Ian who has all the Championship results to work out. This must be a record for any distance for the club at anyone time. Congratulations to the first timers, not an easy one to start with. I’m sure that first hill should have an health warning attached to it. Over the years I have run in easier fell races.  The next HDSRL to be held on June 26th is also hilly but no where near as steep. It is also shorter. A perfect one for anyone else who wants to try a race for the very first time. It’s also a good one for us older ones who don’t quite like them too long and it gives us time to get back before all the supper is gone.

See you next week,

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