Wednesday Night Fun With A Nibble!

Monday 17th December. 7pm School.  This will be the last meeting this year. There will not be one on Christmas eve.
Wednesday 19th December. Christmas hadicap. 7pm Athletic club.  It is hoped to start the race from the the staion car park at 7.30’ish. Steve suggested if we wear something with a xmas theme we could be given a 15 seconds advantage on the start line ( full of good idea’s is Steve)  Please bring a few nibbles for after the race.
Tonight I went for a run in Kilburn woods. It was very wet, slippery and quite cold but I really enjoyed it. Christine took the option of having the shower without run and enjoyed it just as much. The last I heard was that she was looking for a holiday with a bit of sun!! Watch this space.
The greatest sporting event in the world is coming to Yorkshire. The Tour De france. July the 5th, 2014. This day will be our 40th wedding anniversary. I can see Christine is going to enjoy this one. Stood ten deep on the North Yorkshire Moors might not be how she wants to spend it!!
 Who are you going to vote for on Sunday night?. Sports Personality!! I always vote but I realy don’t know which way to go this time. I bet it’s going to be a fantastic show. This will be one night you are going to be proud to be British.
 I’m going out to but a pair of antlers for wednesday night, at my age you need all the help you can get!!
                                                                   Have a good weekend and see you soon, Rob

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