Wass Woods Summer Handicap 5th September

Monday 3rd September.
As most of the coaches and quite a few more are going on the First Aid course on Monday night there will be no official training session. However, there are quite a number of keen, enthusiastic and willing members going to meet at the Athletic Club at 7pm. I’m sure you will all enjoy it!!
Wednesday 5th September.
Summer handicap. Wass Woods. 6.45 for a 7pm start Please!!   You need to be on the left hand side on top of the hill ie. Western side ( just look for the ute, I’ll park near the entrance) Into the woods and turn left will bring you to the starting area. Bring some nibbles and I’ll bring the prizes.
Here we go again.  Now its the Paralympics and if its going to keep raining like this I’m going to be seeing quite a lot of it.
Shortly after Mo won his 5k gold I was one of the many who help crash his web site but I persisted and was fortunate enough to book a table so a group of us could go to his Foundation Ball. Cath calls it the Mo Bot Bash but it is labled as a night with the champions at the Grosvenor hotel. We all have to go very posh so Christine has been out and bought a pretty new dress (shoes, handbag and some sunday knickers) and I’m sure on the night we are all going to be looking quite the part. I’m also quite sure Mo’s wife will not be present on the night as she now has two little girls to look after. But and this is a big BUT. Did any one find out what was the problem the night Mo won his 2nd gold? 80,000 people jumping up and down and his wife had a face on her that could have sunk a thousand ships. One look at her and I don’t think it would have been  problem to start builing up your weekly mileage!! Lets hope she is a lot happier now the children are born!!
Keep smiling and see you soon, Rob

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