Virgin London Marathon Preparation – 9th of February by David Fabrega

Hi everyone! I hope you are getting on well with the training this winter. I have been a bit busy during the last three weeks (one of the weeks I was working away), however, I managed to keep my training on track. It’s just two months left until the VLM marathon so there is no time to get distracted. 
On the 26th of January I started on the ‘Going Further’ stage, the next stage in the training plan. During this phase I will continue running at the same pace as in the previous phase but now I will run a longer distance at the same pace. This phase will help me to build my leg strength and stamina.

The training runs I did during the last three weeks are:

25th Jan – 5 miles
26th Jan – 11 miles
29th Jan – Club training session (School Sports Hall)
2nd Feb – 14 miles
8th Feb – 9 miles
9th Feb – 9 miles


At the moment I am getting on well with the training and I haven’t suffered any injury at all (fingers crossed!). In addition to the running sessions I am also watching my diet and rest habits, therefore, I try to eat as healthily as I can (I don’t always achieve it, especially at the weekends…) and sleep enough hours to recover from the training (between 9-10 hours). The training makes me feel more tired than usual, especially after the long runs at the weekend, so to compensate for this I need more rest than normal. As for my eating on the training days, I plan my meals according to the running session. For example, I have a high carbohydrate breakfast (cereals, toast, jam, honey, ham and a cup of tea of course!) at least two hours before the training. This is very important for me because otherwise I can easily suffer from ‘the stitch’. During the long runs I drink lots of water and I eat some gels as well. About 20-30 minutes after I finish training I eat a meal high in proteins such as a tuna salad, salmon, meat or eggs, which help me to recover more efficiently.

So this is all for today, I will keep training hard and writing about my progress in the blog. Keep up the training!


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