Virgin London Marathon Preparation – 7th of April by David Fabrega

Hi everyone! It’s only one week till the day of the marathon and I am starting to get nervous!

The last month I have been very busy with the training but I am very happy because I have finished the race simulation phase, which is the hardest part of the training. During this phase I did the longest runs, one of 20 Miles around Thirsk and another about 25 Miles in York.

The training runs I did during the last four weeks are:

9th Mar – 20 miles (8m18s/mile)    27th Mar – 7 miles (8m55s/mile)

13th Mar – 9 miles (8m34s/mile)    30th  Mar – 9 miles (9m08s/mile)

16th Mar – 9 miles (7m53s/mile)     2nd Apr – Club training session (School Sports Hall)

19th Mar – 6 miles (7m43s/mile)    6th Apr – 9 miles (7m53s/mile)

22th Mar – 25 miles (8m48s/mile)


As I said before, I did the longest run on the 22th of March around York and the purpose of this training session was to do that I will on the race day. For instance, I woke up at the same time, I had a similar breakfast, I started the training session at the same time, I used the same equipment, I took the gels at the same points that I will do on the LVM and I tried to run at the same pace rate. I felt very positive and I ran the distance at 8m 48s per mile (3h 39m 56s for the 25 Miles). However, I am still slightly over my target time for the marathon day, which is 3h 45m. So I hope that on the marathon day I will get this 5 minutes (approx.) that I am missing in the training sessions!

Two weeks ago I started the tapering off phase, which is my favourite because it is the most relaxed phase Ha!Ha! I also like the feeling that I have done the preparation and now I only have to wait for the marathon day to arrive and run it! The tapering off phase is all about bringing my body into peak condition. I have reduced both the mileage and the intensity training to allow my body to recover from the exertion of the last three months.

So now, I will do all the remaining training sessions at the same pace rate that I want to run on race day.

So this is my last blog post before I run the LVM. I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. My next post will tell you how I did in the LVM, so keep an eye open for it!


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