Virgin London Marathon Preparation – 19th January by David Fabrega Ortes

Hi everyone! I am David and maybe we have met at some of the club training sessions on Wednesday nights at Thirsk School. Last month I was lucky enough to win one of the entries to the Virgin London Marathon 2014 and the club offered me the opportunity to post entries on the blog explaining how I prepare for the VLM.

Marathons are not new to me, actually the VLM will be my fourth marathon (I have done Madrid, Barcelona and Chester Marathons before), however, I must admit that the London Marathon is something special to me. Firstly because London is a lovely city and secondly because I have been trying to get in the marathon for the last two years without success! So now I have got the chance to run it and I am so glad of it. Also running a marathon is always exciting for me, I don’t know exactly why but since I started to run I have been attracted to marathons. Also I have to say that it is not only running the marathon, it is also how I prepare for it in the previous months and how I keep disciplined to achieve the goal, which makes me feel really good!

Anyway let’s start! First thing I did when I knew that I had an entry to the marathon was to set a goal for my finish time, so my goal is to run the VLM in a time between 3h30’ and 3h45’, so this is the challenge for the next three months!

To make my training plan I used a web application,, which is very useful and easy to use. This web application is great because it creates a training plan based on your time goals and how many days you have available to train (three in my case). In addition, you can save the training data and it calculates statistics, which are very useful to see your evolution and improvement. So my training plan consists of two long runs a week (between 6 and 22 miles depending on the training stage) and one short run (normally I use the club training on Wednesday to cover this part of the training). The training plan is divided in five stages, which are: Pre-Conditioning (5-8 miles), Getting Faster (5-12 miles), Going Further (9-16 miles), Race Simulation (12-22 miles), Tapering Off (5-12 miles).

I started the training in December so currently I am in the ‘Getting Faster’ stage which consist of a variety of speed training sessions to boost my running pace and gradually build my speed for long distances.  Therefore the training runs I did during the last three weeks are:

  • 1st Jan – 5 miles
  • 5th Jan – 8.5 miles
  • 11th Jan– 5 miles
  • 12th Jan – 12.5 miles
  • 15th Jan – Club training session (School Sports Hall)
  • 18th Jan – 5 miles
  • 19th Jan – York Brass Monkey Half Marathon

To calculate the training routes I use google earth. Therefore I can easily save in my computer a lots of routes around Thirsk to cover all the distances I need in my training sessions.
So this is all for today, I hope that you enjoyed the post. I will write my next blog entry in about three weeks´ time to let you know how I’m getting on with the VLM training.


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