Training week commencing 20/7

Monday 20th July/ Tuesday 21st     
 40 – 50 minutes to include 10 x 1min @ 5k effort on uphill gradient/ with 2 min jog back recovery. I usually do this one in Kilburn woods. It’s not so much about full out speed but you                need to be able to keep the legs moving with a relaxed upper body. Try and work it that you have to run over the top towards the end of each effort.

Wed/Fri  22nd/ 24th.  July.           
40-50 mins.  To include 6 x 4 mins  @ 10k effort on undulating hills./ 2 mins recovery. Again to get used to change of pace but keeping the same effort.

Sat/Sun 25th/26th July.         
0 to 80 mins .     Weekend long run, steady and on hills. 

It is possible to put in a good performance on hills by running intense interval sessions on level ground but when it comes to the long and steep climbs in mountains you need the to train and experience the mental  pressure  you endure. You must train on hills to be good at running relentlessly uphill. It doesn’t matter how good you become, it hurts us all.  You should now be getting into Kilburn woods and running/walking on the Virtual Mountain race trail. We will have it all marked out by the end of this next week.            

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