Training week commencing 13/7

 Monday 13th/ Tuesday 14th July.  10 mins warm up 8 to 10 x 30 to 40 seconds @ 10k pace on hills/inclines. 10 mins. Smooth and relaxed. 

Wed/Thurs/ Fri. 17th/  10 mins warm up 5 to 6 x 3 mins on undulating ground @ 10k pace. 10 mins rec . To get used to running up hills but also to keep going at a sustained pace over the top and down the other side. 

Weekend Long run.    70 to 80 mins steady on hills.  Over the next few weeks you need to get used to running hills!!! 

Virtual Skipton HDSRL run.  Kilburn Woods. 16th-19th July. 5 mile/ 750′ ish ascent. Out and back. Open to all members and guests. 
I first ran this trail run in the spring of 1982 and I doubt whether I saw another runner on route until around 1984. How the times have changed. It became my morning run, twice a week, for the next 15 to 18 years. I can probably run it blind folded. You don’t need any specialist trail shoes, road shoes are fine. The surface is a little rough in places but mostly it’s dry and firm. Make sure you have good traction because you will   need this when travelling at speed on the return leg. Make sure you do a good warm up before you set off or you will your heart will be trying to jump out of your chest a couple of minutes down the track. 
                    Come prepared to spend a little time at the start and finish area/ car park. It’s good banter and you may be surprised who you meet. You will enjoy it.

 Virtual World Mountain Championships/ Kilburn Woods. 13th- 16th August.  Again 5 mile/ 1200′ ascent. 
The course has now been measured and finalised, it’s all on existing trail and you need to get used to it so you know where you are going. Gavin and the KFC  are acting as guides and are only too willing to show you round. Two weeks before the event the course will be marked out so it’s easy to follow and not get lost. 
 We need to have your entries early to know how many tee shirts we need and also to pick your teams. Our aim is to get everyone who enters the event to complete the challenge.  

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