Training Week Commencing 03/08

 Monday 3rd August. 2020.     35 to 40 mins. to include again 10 x 30 secs @ 5k pace with 1 minute recovery @ 10k pace.This is a good, brisk, see how you feel interval session.
Run tall and relaxed, try and feel your feet push on the tarmac as you increase speed on each 30 second effort. I purposely run these out and back. 10 min warm up and turn after the 5th 1 minute recovery. ie. It’s half way. Carry on with the rest of the efforts with a 10 min cool down recovery. If, and only if you are in good shape, you will finish with a negative split where you started. How fast you run your efforts will depend on what sort of a shape you are in but don’t chase the watch, run how you feel. 

Tuesday 4th August. 7pm. Marking out the Mountain route in Kilburn woods if anyone fancies it.!! 
 Wednesday 5th August.   4 x 3 mins @ 10 k pace with 2 mins recovery.  This is a recovery session to gets the legs moving once again.

 Weekend long run.  60 to 70 mins. Steady run on hills. Not working at anything. 

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