Training w/c 31/05/21

Good luck if you are still to head out and run this week’s championship race.  Don’t forget to submit your time, details in the race email sent last week.

A couple of weeks ago I gave you details of the additional kit with our club logo that is available (in addition to the official vests). The on line shop is now up and running and can be accessed at:

Any purchases are made direct by you, not through Ken

This week’s training Sowerby Gateway Track, 6:50 start:
Monday 31st May:  
Bank Holiday. We’ve just had 15 months of on and off lockdown and you weren’t happy you couldn’t go anywhere. Now you can go somewhere, you can come to harriers. We are training on Monday night.  Depending on how many do or do not turn up the run session is:
8 x high intensity hill reps followed by 4 x 4 mins of strong running / 2 mins recovery.    We will adjust the before bit to suit. 

Wednesday 2nd June:
Warm ups and a little core work followed by 20 to 22 mins of alternating between 30 secs and 60 secs fast / 30 seconds recovery.  

Weekend long run:
60 to 75 mins on hills. 

Forthcoming Races:
List attached – pl let me know of any up and coming that can be added

20th June 2021: Cleveland Way Relays 
Those of you signed up should have received an email from Rosie & Tom with the allocated times and legs.

Click for Race Diary list

And a few further thoughts from Rob:
In just over three weeks time we take on some of the best running clubs in North Yorkshire in the Cleveland Way relays  (108 miles).  Over 50 of you have already put your name forward and teams are being put together at this very moment. Rosie and Tom ( sounds like the title of a book I read to the Grandkids!) are doing a brilliant job sorting it all out.  We are hoping to do well. ( very well!!)  You should now all be training together at the club training sessions to build up a little bit of team spirit. We are not just going to look at the scenery. Do you all have a club vest?
The worst thing about approaching your 68th birthday is that there is probably not much more than about 35 to 40 years of running left in the tank. The best bit about it is that you can tell everyone about all the wild and wonderful places that you’ve  run and all the fantastic people you have met. I could also tell you about all the blisters, the injuries, the aches and the tears ( there is always tears!!) but this is another story and is best left for another time. If you are spending a good deal of your time running on a treadmill or pounding the footpaths in the streets of Thirsk and Northallerton then now is the time to stop living your life like an Hamster and get out and run on the paths and trails in this beautiful countryside in which we live.  We now have our very own way markers out on the Cleveland Way/ Sutton Bank. This time I’m hoping they are here to stay.  Take your children and  grandchildren and show them where you run. There are/should be seven in total. See if you can find them all again. 
Run tall, run proud and go like the wind. Love to you all, Rob 
And wear your club vests.

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