Training w/c 26th October

Thursday 22nd October to Sunday 25th October.
The virtual Whixley10k. Sutton Bank to Snek Yate and back. Don’t let me down now! Time to plan when you’re going to get out there and just do it. Wrap up and put your trail shoes on. Open to members, guests and friends.  The prize draw will take place early Monday so make sure you are in it.

Monday 26th October. 7pm Sowerby Gateway.
Head torch and warm clothing) 30 mins warm up and core work. Intervals.  4 x 4 minutes @ 10k pace/  1 minute rolling rec.  
This week there will be three training groups. There are now too many people for two. Please go to your appointed group as soon as you arrive.
Coaches will be starting warms ups at 5 to 7 from now on. This will increase your stamina levels but it will also help prevent  small groups gathering and getting too close to each other. Let’s stay safe at all times. 

Wednesday 28th October. 7pm Sowerby Gateway.
Monthly time trial . We can still do a full warm up and core routine. It will not affect your time trial time result. You do not have to run the time trial at SGT but if you do the rules are always the same to make everyone equal. 3.2 laps on red which is to the left of the white line!! I am convinced that at least half of you are colour blind!! The rest of you can run a 2 mile distance anywhere you like on the Wednesday. Please send your times in to Duncan who will save your times which in turn will be used for future handicap events.  

 Weekend long run .   
75 to 80 minutes. Smooth and relaxed.

Next Champ Race –  in a couple of weeks is the virtual Guy Fawkes 10.(miles)

New/Beginners:I have been thinking that maybe now is the time to start a beginners/ new to running/ recovering from injury type group. Is there anyone out there that might be interested? I know there are people wanting help and perhaps now is the time to try and help them! Please contact me if this may help you.
I have never used age as an excuse for not doing anything my whole life. If I can do it then I just do it. This past year I have trained equally as hard as at any other time and to be truthful I have enjoyed it equally as much too. Age should never be used to limit what you can achieve. You just need to be a little more patient, equally as positive and believe as long as you keep doing things right then eventually the results of your endeavours will follow. I do get a big thrill out of beating someone half my age but I have to admit it doesn’t get any easier as you get older. 

A few days ago I spent a rainy day search at the Antrim Half Marathon road race results held a month or so ago. I noticed something which I thought was worth a mention. A world record was broken. Tommy Hughes. M60 ran 71.09. If you do a few quick calculations it is possible for him to run a 16 minute 5k, a 33 minute 10k and if he puts his mind to it he could possibly run a 2 .30 marathon. ( 60 years old remember.) His age adjusted time was 2 minutes faster than Mo Farah who won the race. All I can think about is the intensity that he has to train at to achieve these times. I will do a google search one day and have a look at his profile. Meanwhile I can just dream and think of years past. Sadly, lots of them! 

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