Training w/c 22/03/21

Training for the week commencing: 22nd March 2021
Here’s Rob’s training:

Monday 22nd March
10 mins warm up.
6 x 3 mins @ 5 k pace / 2 min 10 mile pace rec.
10 mins cool down.
This is a big, strong session. don’t go into it lightly. Do a proper warm up and stay focused.

Tuesday 23rd March:
Zoom core training with Adrian, 20/30 minutes:
Topic: T&SH Core

Wednesday 24th March:
Monthly 2 mile time trial brought forward this month – separate email with details and results link to follow

Weekend long run:
Once warmed up, 1 x 15 mins at 10 mile pace/effort.
I usually fit my effort in at around two thirds of the way through then I finish on a stronger, faster up, beat pace. You don’t need to be finishing your run tired but at the same time you don’t want to be finishing it slow.

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