Training W/C 21 September

Virtual Tholthorpe 10k 

Thurs 24th September to  Sunday 27th September
On the Sowerby Gateway Track. Open to members, friends and guests.  Probably your last chance this year to run at night and in daylight. 
1. Ten laps of the gateway track. Either on Black or Red, it doesn’t matter. 
 2. Start ( and finish )  at the beginning of the 100 metre straight and complete TEN FULL      LAPS. 
 3. This is a point to point race so we do not require the distance, just your completed time. 
 4. Send in your time to Trish as soon as you have completed.
 5. This one will test us all. It’s fast and flat. Set off too fast and you will fade. Set off too slow and you will not make your time up. Warm up before you start. 

Monday 21st September. 7pm S.G.Track.
Time to bring your head torch. This is the toughest session of the week. Preparing for the next championship race. 
 25 mins warm up/ core work .  
 Grass Run.  5 x 3 mins @ 5k pace/ 1 min jog/rolling recovery- this simply means for you to run at a steady speed instead of just standing still. Your body will adjust.

Wednesday 23rd September. 7pm. S.G.Track.
25 mins warm up and core work.
Track.  300 metres @ 10k pace/ 200 steady.  3 to 5 laps depending on when you are racing.

Weekend long run.
60 mins with 2 x 10 mins @ your half marathon pace. 

Monday night we had a litter pick around the Gateway Track. One, large full bag in total. (Please don’t ask!! )
Around sixty of you took part in the summer handicap. Congratulations to Dave Baker. Yes, the Gateway track is fast.
Thanks to the National Parks and Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers we now have some distance markers on the Cleveland Way. Four to the East, Three to the West. See if you can find them all and tell me what you think. I will not have to put down a marker ever again.                   

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Thirsk 10 - 2021

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Hello club members and friends of the Thirsk 10 road race. We would just like to provide a brief update to inform everybody that for obvious reasons the Thirsk 10 race will not be held in March 2021 however, we intend to reassess the situation in the Spring with a view to holding the event later in the year subject to national and local restrictions in place at the time. We apologise for the disappointment this will undoubtably cause, however I am sure that everybody appreciates that the Covid 19 Pandemic is a fluid situation with rules and restrictions seemingly changing on a daily basis. We will provide a further update in once we have been able to consider matters. Assuring you of our best intentions at all times, keep running and stay safe. The Thirsk 10 Team.