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Harriers Weekly: 19th July 2021

Just a reminder from Helen – a date for your diaries: Annual Lakes Weekend
The Glaramara Hotel has been booked for the 1st weekend in November – 5/6/7th. There’s another walking group booked in too so we have to share. There will be space for 36 people. 
Cost will be 2 nights: £90 pp, per night
                   3 nights: £87pp, per night
Further details tbc

This week’s training: 
Training registration
During the past year we have kept a track and trace registration. We are going to keep this going and from now on we can call it meet and greet but we need volunteers to do it. The only requirement is that you need a pen and you must have a smile. Grumpy people are excused form this duty. Volunteers are needed from Monday onwards so please let Rob know if you can do it. You to decide whether you are a grumpy person or not. If there’s a lack of volunteers we will know which direction you are coming from!

Sowerby Gateway Track 6:50 start:
Monday 19th July :
Bleep test. Short runs over a given distance to measure your fitness level. It will be interesting to see how much you have improved since the last test three months ago.  Andy will explain all about it on the night.  We usually have three groups finishing with the stronger group. While the early groups are being tested the later group will be warming up and doing core work. You must run in your speed ability groups or we will not be able to fit it into the night session. 

Wednesday 21th July: 
Warm ups followed by  2 x ( 6 x 2mins/ 1 min rec )  3 mins between sets.   These are big, big sessions but everyone is running well. We start together and finish together at all levels.
All the newbies please listen to Duncan. He will look after you but work together, help one another and try and finish the session.  Adjust the intensity to suit you but the stronger you are the faster you will run. Ideally you should be running this session at your 5k intensity  but bear in mind you will lose a little speed because you are running on grass. 

 I will not be at this session but the show will go on. I’m hoping to be running the HDSRL fixture at Wetherby but due to the high number of covid infections I’m not too optimistic it will take place. I just want to run a real race and see how I go. 

Weekend long run:
Try running out in 36 minutes and coming back in 35 minutes. Try not to look at your watch on the way back. It will give you a little focus while you run. The time will pass by so much quicker.  


Forthcoming Races:
The Mountain race will go ahead as planned. All the rest are subject to Government guidelines/cancellations etc  but all these races need our support. You must wear your club vest at all club championship races. However if any of the above races get cancelled I will swop them and use the course we used last year to run them as virtual races. 

The club is going to carry on with vouchers ( £100 +£50) for the rest of the year on all real and virtual championship races. This is to encourage and reward those who represent club at championship races. 

From now on we are in transition from virtual to real races. However there are still two training sessions a week and a monthly time trial so there is still plenty to do. 

Championship Races Remaining:
Actual Races – enter as soon as possible to ensure place- filing up fast:

25th July:      James Herriot trail 14k Castle Bolton Slightly undulating from start to finish.
1St August:   Darlington 10k 2 laps, fast and flat.
17th August:    Sessay Swift, very fast and flat.
 12th Sept      Tholthorpe 10kLong drags, up and down. 
10th Oct:        Redcar Half, flat. Only fast if you run it fast otherwise it is steady as you go. 

 The Whixley 10k ( trail/road) and Guy Fawkes 10 ( road/hilly and quite tough) are also on the list but not opened up yet. 
Virtual Races: 
X Country- TBC

Don’t forget -Important Date for your diary –  Thursday 26th to 29th August.
Virtual World Mountain Running Championships 
Kilburn woods. Approx 5.6 miles with a few up and downy bits.
Teams of 6 which will be pulled out of a hat, but this is also a club championship race so points are available. It takes the place of the Kilburn 7.
 Full details will follow in a separate email – Rob is organising.
you will need to enter before 20th July – enter though button below.   

HDSL (Harrogate District Summer League)
For those of you already signed up for the next race – Wetherby (Sicklinghall) on 21st July, you need to collect your number from Sharon or Duncan on the night.

 If you want to run any of the remaining races – see info on previous emails or go to the Harrogate League website which has all the info. 

Enter Mountain Race Here

And a few further thoughts from Rob:

Parkrun: I would suggest all new members to register as Thirsk and Sowerby members on your parkrun portal. This means that with one click I can pick out all those who have run and I can then check you progress. It makes it easier for Marian too for the weekly newspaper. I would also suggest you buy the wrist ICE identification band and wear it next to your watch every time you run. I wear mine every time I cycle or run. They don’t cost much but one day it may save your life. 

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