Training w/c 15/03/21

We are planning that training will be able to start again from Monday 29th March, and this might be the first time any of us meet our new members. If you are new to the club, and not sure what’s on offer, or how everything works, or need someone to have a run with,  we would like to offer you a buddy to help you on your way.
If this something you would find helpful -can you please let me or Rob know.
Equally, if anyone in the club is happy to be a buddy, and help welcome a new member, please let me or Rob know.

Training for the week commencing:  15th March 2021
Here’s Rob’s training:

Monday 15th March
10 mins warm up.
3 x 5 mins strong/ 2 mins steady run recovery.
10 mins cool down.
Tuesday 16th March:
Zoom core training with Adrian, 20/30 minutes:
Topic: T&SH Core

Link to Zoom training with Adrian

Wednesday 17th March:
10 mins warm up.
5 sets of 1 x 30 secs, 1 x 60 secs, 1 x 90 secs   /  30 secs recovery between each one.
10 mins cool down.

Weekend long run:
70 to 80 mins. 
Fit in 2 x 10 mins  @ half marathon pace or slightly faster!!   

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