Training w/c 14/06/21

Good luck if you are still to head out and run this week’s championship race.  Don’t forget to submit your time, details in the race email sent last week.

Cleveland Relay 20th June.
For those of you running, a gentle reminder that we are suggesting a voluntary contribution of £5 to the Cleveland Mountain Rescue. The club has agreed to match all individual contributions, so this will be a significant boost for them.

A big congrats to Phoebe Yates who has just been to train and play with Leeds Rhinos Netball team!

This week’s training Sowerby Gateway Track, 6:50 start:
Monday 14th June:  
Warm ups, light core work followed on grass; 3 x 4 mins@ relay pace intensity/ 2 min moving/jog recover. 
 On Monday nights there are two groups. Both groups have a similar warm up, core work routine so it doesn’t matter which group you attend. One group then goes onto the track and run short high intensity intervals. The other group stays on the grass and run longer, more sustained efforts. You can choose whichever group to fit in with your training. You choose the intensity that suits you. However, all leaders and coaches will try and encourage you to be the best you can be. 
Wednesday 16th June:
Warm ups, light core work followed by 20 to 22 mins of 30secs strides /30 secs rolling recovery. Nice and smooth and relaxed. There is a big race coming up and we all need to be fresh!! You will not compete at your best if you have tired legs and a tired mind. Have a smile and a chat as you go along. 
 On Wednesday nights there are two groups. A beginners group which has just completed week 9 of 12 and is progressing well. The rest of us all do the warm up and core work together. After which the group is split up into four speed ability groups and everyone carries out the run session. This is either on the track or on the grass depending group preference.  There is a speed and intensity to suit everyone. 

Weekend long run:
Do we have to? If you feel like it then fit in 60 to 75 mins as easy as you like. It’s not too bad once you get set off!!

Forthcoming Races:
Please see website for list of Championship Races
List attached of other races- please let me know of any up and coming that can be added

20th June 2021: Cleveland Way Relays 

Click for Race Diary list

And a few further thoughts from Rob:

Live the moment and don’t wish your life away!! However I do have to mention the fact that once again the World Mountain Running Championships will be held in Kilburn Woods this summer. Probably towards the end of August. The Kilburn 7 is not happening this year so maybe we could use this to fill the gap. Quite a few have said they would rather run Kilburn woods than the concrete road. Entries will not open until early/mid July, teams of 6 will be drawn out of the hat on speed ability as last year. Friends and guests allowed. The course will be similar to last year but this time we’ll run up the White Horse steps( you will not be disqualified if you crawl) and come down the angled path. Claire is already designing a unique, once in a life time tee shirt. ( please Claire!!) I do have a sponsor but could do with another one, please. All monies will be given back as prizes. Italy are strong favourites to retain the tittle. It is hoped that this year we could close the race early on the final day so we can have a little party and hand out prizes. This is a fun event and you will not need a passport. Watch this space. 

I ran my first relays in 1972, college and university relays in, up and around Bredon Hill in cider country. A bit like a fell race but on roads. Six legs of around 3 .5 mile each and we came in first. This qualified us for the national finals two weeks later. These were held on the tow path next to the River Thames and finished in front of the large glass house in Kew gardens. This time we were second.
 love relays because of the excitement, the fun, the fear, the competition and the fact that you are part of a team and not just running for your self. I’d also better mention the fact that we all like fish and chips too.
My advice to you would be to do as little warm up as possible because the occasion will have you all fired up and ready to go. Just be ready when your tag arrives.
Run with as little equipment as the weather will allow but have dry clothing, water and a bite to eat at both your start and finish points. You may be ok but you may have to wait for someone else so it’s best to cover both options. 
 Get to know your route inside out, well in advance. It is one thing less to worry about on the day. Two days before you run have a look at the map and split your leg into 3 or 4 sections and get them fresh in your mind and visualise how you are going to run. For most of us the race is going to be so far spread out we will be running alone which will allow you to run it how you want.. ie, just like a virtual race. Pick out sections where you can run hard, sections to run fast and bits where you may need to recover. Expect anyone to pass you at any time but try not to allow them to affect your pace. Leave the sprinting to those who run the final leg!
 Hydrate and eat just as normal as you would in any 10k race to coincide with your expected start time. Get to your start time well in advance and try and relax best you can. Chitchat will keep you posted of your change over time provided there is reception. 
 The race is over 16 legs. If each leg improves 10 seconds then that’s almost 3 minutes altogether. If we all knock off a minute then that’s almost the time it takes to run two mile. Just remember, if you are hurting the one who is trying to pass you will be hurting too.  Which ever leg you run every stride will count. 
You are all required to wear your club vest( because I said so!!).  Each change over person needs to see you coming. Run tall, run proud and show everyone who you are. 
Enjoy the day and don’t look at your watch until you cross the finish line. Each and everyone of you will be surprised how fast you have run. 

 Team photos and fish and chips at the finish. Rob

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