Training w/c 12 Oct

Hope everyone has recovered from last weekend – for those of you inspired, next year’s London Marathon Ballot has opened!
No information yet as to any club places next year, but remember that if we do get a club place, you can only try for it if you have applied for, but not been successful in, the main ballot.

Here’s Rob’s training for next week:
Monday 12th October. 7pm SGTrack .
25 mins warm up and core work.
 6 x 3 mins @ 5k intensity/ 1 min/ rolling/ moving recovery.  eg. Run out for 3 minutes at 5k pace. At the end of 3 minutes. jog 30 seconds into the centre, turn and jog 30 seconds back. Run 3 minutes back to where you started again. Once back you run 30 seconds into the centre, turn and jog 30 seconds back and then repeat all of the above. It’s all about pace judgement, it’s intense, we don’t talk and we don’t stop. The aim is to be the best you can be. From now until Christmas this is a big workout. Try and run your long weekend run on the Saturday to give you a little recovery for this one. 

 Wednesday 14th October. 7pm. SGTrack
25 mins warm up and core work .
 Repeat of last week which you enjoyed. 3 to 4 laps 300 metres / 40 seconds recovery. with a final lap of 10 x 100 metres with just 15 seconds. Please keep run through the finish line each time but keep well to the side for the change overs. 

Weekend long run.
70 to 80 mins. Smooth, relaxed and quite brisk on trail. Try to run a fixed distance and don’t look at the watch. Take in the world around you.   

72 people including six new members have attended training sessions this week. If numbers keep increasing we may have to introduce another group. The rules are always the same. Arrive early, you don’t touch anything or anyone and you keep your distance. Let’s stay safe and have a good workout together. It is going to get colder and it’s going to get darker. Come wrapped up and bring a head torch, to see and to be seen. 

For those who didn’t run the Redcar half on the Sunday then you missed treat. The course, the runners, the support and the water stations made it as good as any race I have ever done. A whole lot cheaper too! My longest run and my first half marathon for 22 years. The distance, the pain, the focus. I loved every minute of it. Congratulations to Lorraine and Clare on completing the Virtual London. Conquer the mind and the body will follow. Prepare, Focus, Trust and Believe. 

Running is not just about you and what you achieve but it’s also about the places you go and the people you meet. I’m a lucky guy because I have run on every continent and have competed all over the world. I have visited lots of beautiful places and met lots and lots of wonderful people. Each one tells a different story, each one creates a different dream. 

I have a friend who lives in South Africa who couldn’t read or write when he left school. He spent most of his youth working in a Tobacco plantation. On his 18th birthday he went to work and said to his Boss “Good Morning” in his first English and was immediately threatened with a good beating and the loss of his job. He spent the next seven years hiding from white people for fear of a good beating. In his own words he says these were difficult times. He is now forty six years old, has started running and if you want to find a leopard in the wild then he is the right man for the job. When all this Covid stuff is all over I’m going to take him to a parkrun in the Kruger National Park. Afterwards we’re going to spend time looking for leopards and elephants once again. We will have a drink together and talk of happier times. 

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