Training w/c 11/01/21

Training for the week commencing:  11th January 2021

Monday 11th January:
10 mins warm up/  6 x 3 mins @ 5 k effort/ 1 min continuous/ jog/ run recovery . 10 mins cool down.  
As I have become older I don’t quite run the efforts as intense as I used to. I’ve also increased the intensity of my recoveries. The stronger I get the faster I run my recoveries. This has helped me recover quicker in races after changes of speed/ running up hills. The result is I’m covering a slightly longer distance in my training and I’m getting fewer aches and more important, fewer injuries. 

Wednesday 13January:
10 mins warm up   4 sets of 1 x 30 seconds,  1 x  60 seconds, 1 x 90 sec/  30 seconds recovery. 10 mins cool down.
This is a tough one so you may want to start at 10k pace increasing to 5k pace as the weeks go by. Try and run smooth, upright and push with your toes on each acceleration. 

Weekend long run:
50 to 65 minutes.  I usually run these on trail and on the hills. If I feel good I run them quite hard. If I don’t feel good I run smooth and relaxed and take in my surroundings. It’s important to finish fresh and not be totally worn out. Every 3rd or 4th week I’ll run a 7 or 8 mile time trial at just under race pace. 

Next Championship Race:
The next Virtual Club Championship race (no 2) will take place 3 weeks after the last. There will be two members out this coming weekend to measure it out. It’s a cross country so you will need trail shoes and if the weather stays as it’s been then expect plenty of mud.   

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