Sunday Work Out

Monday 21st January  7pm School gym
Wednesday 23rd 7pm    School Sports hall     Outside group        5 x 3mins /1 recovery.
I hope you are all enjoying the variety you are getting at the training sessions. I never said it would be easy, but you can certainly get a good work out!!
February Time Trial. Scarborough. Half Term week. Wednesday 20th. This week the school will be closed. If you fancy a trip please put your names forward to Fran, I don’t mind taking my car and if we can get a good group together it will be fun. I need the numbers to book the restaurant. We need time keepers!! You don’t have to run to enjoy it!! I keep hearing people say it is a long way to go for a two mile run. I once took Christine to Melbourne< Australia to run her first ever 5k race, she thought the travelling was well worth the trip. (Then we had a month in New Zealand and she didn’t complain about that either)
Injury!! We all get them from time to time. Please keep coming to the training sessions, there will be some exercises you can do. You could also blow the whistle and encourage others but most important, it will give you a focus and keep you in some sort of a routine.
Xcountry cancelled. I could have done without that as I was quite looking forward to it. However, as quite a few of  us had a race pencilled in, do you fancy a good work out on Sunday morning? I propose to meet at Wass bank top, 9.15. Have bit of a warm up and do a 5mile time trial. Four long hills and probably quite a bit of snow. This will be hard, but so is racing. Paul would call it, enlarging your lung capacity. If you want to join in give me a call or just turn up.
 Best wishes for now, Rob

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