Sesssay Swift Race And Club Night

What with holidays and the Olympics we seem to be a little disorganised at the moment. Sorry for the delay but here we go:
Mondays and next wednesday will be at the athletic club, 7pm untill the end of the month. However, to encourage members to run or help in the Sessay Swift 6 on thursday 23rd August there will be no club session on the wednesday, the night before. We also have the summer handicap on wednesday 29th August in Wass woods followed by refreshments and prize giving at Mervin’s down in the village. The race will take place on the west side of the road and we will run in a clock wise dirrection. ( on the LHS coming up the hill!) Try to arrive well before seven as it is starting to get dark just that little bit too early at the moment. Don’t you feel cheated we have missed out on a summer?

Christine and I went to London last friday, saturday and sunday and spent our time in and around the Olympic Park. During this time Team GB won 13 gold medals. What a fantastic time we had. Smiling people everywhere you went. Mums and Dads taking kids to sports they had never even seen before. The theme of the games is to inspire a generation. I think it has inspired us all. Just at the moment all the doubters and the whingers have gone into hiding and how refreshing it is to have our news channels flashing good news accross the screens. I don’t think Andy Murray has ever played better to mention one. We even had a smile and he also sang the national anthem. One sad note would be the mens football team!! Not one of them showed enough passion to sing the anthem. I think they could have employed Beckam to at least teach them the words. Even in their fourth game they couldn’t manage the first line. You’d almost think someone had told them in the dressing room they weren’t going to get paid!!

We spent time in the Velodrome, the noise was unbelievable and we managed to see Sir Chris Hoy. Fantastic. We were also on the Park when Mo won the 10,000. We went home not being able to speak. Never shouted and had so much fun for a long,long time. Lets hope it continues!! They keep saying, “it’s not about the winning but it’s about the taking part”. A few million Brits last saturday night, when Mo was running down the finishing straight, might just disagree with that one.
                                                                Take care and see you all soon, Rob

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