Rob’s Weekly Blog – w/c 23/02/14 – BACK TO SCHOOL!!


Monday 24th Feb Thirsk School. 7pm School Gym. Working with Sonja!!

Wednesday 26th Feb. Thirsk school. 7pm School Sports Hall.  A few exercises then time trial on station road. Remember you need to run at least two time trials this term to be able to win the Easter handicap ( and also the biggest Easter egg you can carry!!) 

Next Sunday are the NYSD road relays. These are being held at Croft and I see we have quite a few individuals who have won medals. The medals will be presented between races during the afternoon. Are we sending any teams I wonder? Your team captains will be looking for you!!

Coaching!! As a club we need more coaches, to help with warm ups and setting up etc. and I have been wondering how we can solve this little problem. I know I won’t get more than 1 or 2 of you to go to Leeds, Sheffield etc but I may get a good turn out if a basic course was held at Thirsk. I have been in touch with UK Athletics and they are willing to do a basic LIRF course in Thirsk if we can get 12 members!! Putting it simply, the course involves preparing the athlete to run and how to do it in a safe environment. It can be held on a Sat or Sun or even in 2, 4hr blocks on a night and we are looking at the earliest May-June time. Some of you will enjoy it, some may think it is a waist of time and an odd one may just be inspired to go on to greater things! But the main thing is with more helpers (Coaches)  we can get the training sessions moving more smoothly and we can have more fun. Let me know if you can help!! and I know quite a few of you are interested already. Thanks.

I see the Thirsk 10 entries have now reached 500. It will soon be here.
Going for my run now, lets hope its a good one./ Kilburn woods.

See you tomorrow night, Rob

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