Rob’s weekly blog – WC 28/10/13

It is half term week so no school!!!

Monday 28th October.  7pm  Flatts  (behind the swimming pool)  You will not need a head torch and road shoes will be just fine. If it is cold you will probably need a few layers of clothes but we’ll soon get you warmed up!!

Wednesday 30th October.  (TIME TRIAL)    7pm Athletic Club  
For those slow off the mark, 7.15 at the station. Steve would appreciate some help with time keeping or he may even fancy running. No previous experience is required, just lots of enthusiasm and a big thick coat.    You will probably start your run around 7.20’ish. This is your chance to see how your recent training is going. Get out there and give it your best. Run like the wind.  Christine is taking me to Paris for a surprise holiday so we won’t be with you ( I’m starting to like being 60!!) but you will need a key for the changing rooms. Can some one come forward and  ask me for them on Monday night? I will only forget. If you have to change in the street then don’t blame me.
The following week (Nov 4th/ 6th ) we are back at school and training venues will be as last week. Be prepared for a little jump up in the work load as these two weeks have been just that little bit easier than previous weeks.
This weekend there are several races but the Harewood 10 mile trail race is a Club Championship race. It promises to be nice muddy to say the least. It is also the latest NY?SD xcountry and also a fell race. Remember. 100% from start to finish is all we can expect and ask for. No more mister nice guy. You have done it in training, just get out there and do it!!
I’m running at Harewood so I’ll probably see you there.  If I don’t, I don’t really care because I’m going to Paris!
Have a good weekend,


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