Rob’s weekly blog – w/c 17/02/14

Half Term Week.

Monday 17th Feb
Please Note.  6.30pm. Behind Thirsk swimming pool/ cycle track. For those wishing to take part in a few circuits meet at 6.30.Seeing the School is closed and you have all reached such a high standard I thought it would be a good idea to keep the circuits going!  We will all warm up together at 7pm for a speed session and those just wanting to do the run.  Don’t give up now, you have all done so much.

Wednesday 19th Feb. 7pm Athletic Club.
No circuits so we can do a big one once again.  5 x 4mins/ 2 mins recovery. Lets hope the weather picks up a bit. Can’t remember so many bad weather Wednesday nights, ever. I did manage last weeks session. It was just before dark on a gravel path along side a small lake. It was also quite sheltered and had it not been pouring down it would have been perfect. It went well but I did loose 2 seconds on the last effort! How did you do??? I did hear it was quite a wet night back at Thirsk!


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