Rob’s Weekly Blog – w/c 16/12/13

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas party last week end and are now fully recovered. I’ve never seen so many people stay so late. Congratulations to all the trophy winners. Hard earned and well deserved. It starts all over again in early January but lets enjoy Christmas first.  We do have a trophy missing, (Most improved male) somewhere between Ken (?)and Martyn(2012). It is probably being used as a fruit bowl or flower pot but if you come across it, please let us know of its where-a-bouts and we can give it to Marc who will look after it for the next twelve months.
Monday 16th December 7pm Flatts (Swimming Pool) Sonja can’t make it but I will be with you. We can do the hill session we did quite a while ago. A touch slower than last week and longer recovery. Remember we have a race on Wednesday. This will be the last official training session before the school re-opens on Mon 6th Jan 2014. However, if you are at a loose end and you feel like a run on a Monday night, 7pm, this could be a good place to meet for a steady run.
Wednesday 18th December. 7pm Athletic Club. Christmas Handicap. The first runners start around 7.20pm at the station Car Park. Late comers may prefer to drive to the start. It would be useful if we have quite a few volunteers to help with the finishing funnel. Please bring nibbles for a pooled supper afterwards.
Everyone who runs will get a time, position and a prize. Also, due to some very kind sponsorship we have special prizes for the first two male and female finishers and the outright winner will get a large shield which they can put their name on and keep it until next Christmas!! ( Our fairy has just fallen off the tree!!)
We don’t have many rules but Steve will give you your start time, don’t miss it!!
Please run on the LHS on the way out and if you must run on the road, only do it when facing the traffic, ie on the way back. Wear something so you can be seen.
Please stay in the funnel when you finish until your name has been taken.
If it is pouring down we will all start together and sort out the results later. If it is too dangerous on the paths ie. snow, then RAF Steve will get his measuring stick out and we can have it on the Athletic Club sports field.
I am always asked how far the race is and I always assumed it was around 2 mile.(exactly) I also know there will be quite a few of you running on Wednesday night who will have some sort of measuring tool strapped to your wrist. Perhaps you could tell me how far it is after we have run the race. If they are as accurate as they say they are then they all should have the same answer!! (but I bet they don’t!!)
A most sincere, wonderful and happy Christmas to you all.  Rob (and Christine)


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