Rob’s Weekly Blog – w/c/ 14/04/14

Monday 14th April. 7 pm Athletic Club. Remember we will be outside and it could be just a little bit cold.

Wednesday 16th April. 7 pm Athletic Club.  For the next couple of weeks I have asked Peter H if he would carry on with a few exercises outside before we do our running. He was a little bit worried as he thought you could get a little bit dirty if it was slightly wet. I assured him you were all hard as nails and there was no need to worry about it!!
The running bit;  6 x 3min / 1.5 rec.  I know there is quite a large group of you looking forward to some good, fast running so lets work together and do it!!

Congratulations to Ken who won the Easter handicap. He was first home in front of a large entry and i’m sure welcome after his long term knee injury. We’ll  have to keep reminding him to  keep those lovely flowers well watered!! Did anyone take a photo? Thanks to Steve for working out the times and to all those who helped in the finishing funnels.
London Marathon.                           
Have a good run David (sadly, I think you are the only one this year from the club) and thanks for your diary leading up to the event. Perhaps you could let us know how you felt just before and just after the event when you get back. You will probably not want to do the Monday or  Wednesday night session when you get back but you are quite welcome to come and watch. Marian will want a photo for the paper so don’t forget to comb your hair.
Take care and see you all soon,

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