Rob’s Weekly Blog – wc 10/03/14

Monday 10th March. 7pm.  
Behind the swimming pool!!   Rolling fartlek session. I mention this as it will hopefully attract those who are a little shy or just new to running and I can make a little session just for you but equally those who want to get their legs zipping over just a little faster can take part as well. All will become evident on the night!!
Wednesday 12th March 7pm School sports Hall.
The inside session last week came fresh from Japan. I hear it all went well. (thanks Paul) Us more down to earth type had to manage on the back field and this week we are looking at 3 x 5min/ 2.5 rec.
Sunday 16th March. Our next club championship race. Light water valley 10k. It’s advertised as a trail race but as I remember it starts on a farm track which isn’t bad (slightly up hill)and is then mostly road or path with lots of twists and turns. Are you in good shape?  I guess it’s time to hang up the spikes and put on the road shoes.
I have had a good response from members who fancy getting on the first rung of coaching.(There is still room for more!!) Thanks for that and hopefully I will soon be able to give you some dates.
A short while ago I went on a coaching workshop which among other things taught us how to do squat lifts, lift heavy weights etc and how to do it properly. This has come in quite useful as all I seem to have done lately is lift heavy stuff all day long at work. I can’t wait for all this recent strength work to kick in. It must be worth at least a minute in a 10k. ( quicker I hope1)

See you behind the pool on Monday,


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