Rob’s Weekly Blog – w/c 10/02/14

Monday 10th February. 7pm Thirsk school gym.   
For those wishing to have a good work out inside then this is the session for you!!

Wednesday 12th February. Athletic club 7pm.      
Please note, no school this week.  The field at the back of the squash courts is probably the best suited for this session but the changing rooms will still be open(I hope!!). Last week we had a brilliant turn out and I was quit surprised as to how fast you were all running. Conditions underfoot were good but not perfect,your commitment  was well appreciated, thanks. The second half of the session recorded a 2 second improvement which made me wonder if I had given you too much recovery between sets but then perhaps you were not trying hard enough on the first set!!

Ok. Its time to move on and we need to build. This week  2 x (5 x 2mins/1 min rec ) 3 mins between sets. But just as a short/sharp shock reminder between efforts 4 – 5 in each set just have 30 secs recovery. I know you will like this last bit. Just as last week, get into your small groups during warm ups and really get those legs zipping through just before you start. This is a big session so use it.

NYSD Xcountry league, Richmond Old Racecourse. Sunday 9th Feb. Another Club championship race. This should be a lot easier going than last week and seeing the weather is quite mild we should have a good turnout once more. I did see in the results last week in the fell race that the men (3rd team) beat the ladies (4th Team) but only just. It was good to see so many from the club in the results.

ITS GOING ABOUT!. We seem to have a few injuries and quite a few colds going about at the moment. Some of us seem to be having a bit of both at the same time but I suppose it is a good time to have an injury is when you have a cold. Just at the moment I’m not a happy, chappy and I don’t think I’ll be much better after chuffing and puffing up and down those hills at Richmond on Sunday. But you have to start somewhere!!


See you soon,


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