Rob’s Weekly Blog wc 03/03/14

Monday 3rd March. 7pm school Gym. 

Wednesday 5th March 7pm School Sports Hall.  Outside group.  6 x 3min/1.5min rec. We are getting some group sessions together now so lets keep it going!! Another couple of strong weeks then we can start to ease down for our target race which should be the Hartlepool 5 mile. Have you entered yet?

We spotted our first birds nest yesterday, a hedge sparrow with 2 little eggs in it. Spring must be here. I was out running in Wass woods early this morning, even though it was quite a sharp frost there is nothing like a bit of sunshine and early spring to put a bit of a spring in your stride. An hour seemed to pass in no time at all.

Good luck to all those racing tomorrow. Remember, if you hit a bad patch, stay positive and work through it. I’ll be looking out for you in the results!!!

Best wishes and have a good week end,


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