Rob’s Weekly Blog + training w/c 02/03/15

Monday 2nd  March  7pm Flatts.
Behind Swimming pool.  Surely it will be a little bit warmer this next week!!

Tuesday 3rd March.   7pm Athletic Club.

Social Run
Wednesday 4th March. 7pm School Sports Hall.
Circuits with Peter!!
Followed inside with Paul
Outside Group.       2,3,4, 4,3,2  with 1 min recovery, 3 mins between sets.
Thanks to Steve and his team of helpers at the time trial. Brilliant turn out. I know some of you don’t like time trials but I think they are the easiest way to find out how good and how well prepared you are, try doing them on your own! The first time trial I ever did was on the cycle track along side the A64 between Tadcaster and York (you don’t want to know!! but my 3 mile time was 15.10) in 1972 and I’ve been doing them ever since.(only slower)
Way back in December when I was buying the tickets for the Indoors at Birmingham last weekend I said to the ticket man that I wanted a seat on the finish line so I could see the clock when Mo Farah broke the world record. Chuffin Nora, I should have bought a lottery ticket. Thank you Mr Ticket Man.  What a brilliant way to end the afternoon. The Monday night group might be interested to know that it was 15 seconds every 100 metres for 2 miles!! ( 32 times). On the way home the following day and by chance, Sarah Glover was booked on the same train in the next seat to Christine and I, she too had  been to see the athletics. Sarah is a big fan of TSH but sadly because of work has to leave us. If you look carefully at some of the local fell results she still holds the odd record here and there so her name will keep popping up from time to time. Good luck with your new club and we will see you at the Thirsk 10 in a couple of weeks time.
Keep smiling and see you soon,

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