Rob’s Weekly Blog + training update w/c 30/03/14

Sunday 29th March.  Hartlepool Marina 5
A club championship race.   This is a new course, much the same as before but this time straight out and back with no twists and turns. Also no hills, off road sections or anything else but a long flat, out and back boring course. The weather doesn’t sound too good either with rain and strong winds forecast. However some of you must like this one because the race is full, no entries on the day. Also please don’t forget to move your clock forward.
Monday 30th March. 7pm Athletic Club.
Probably on the cricket field. Now we are outside please bring warm clothing as the weather always takes a turn for the worse at this time of the year. Sonja will get us warmed up, it’s when we cool down when the problems arise.
Tuesday 31st March. 7pm Athletic Club.
Now Brian is back to full health I’m sure he is looking forward to seeing you all.
Wednesday 1st April. 6.45 Athletic Club.
Easter handicap race. (2miles trail and country) 2 laps around a field with a little detour through some trees. All fun and again no hills. Road or trail shoes will be just fine.
Can we please try and get started at 7.15 prompt with you all nicely warmed up and raring to go.( it will still be just a little bit dark as well as cold) The start is approx 400metres down the farm track behind the squash courts. The race is handicapped which means the slower runners start first and the right faster ones last. Everyone who runs will get a prize and just for a change this year it will be an Easter egg. Please bring some nibbles to eat afterwards in the Athletic Club bar where we will have presentation.
This year our long serving time keeper Steve wants to and deserves to run. Do we have some members on the sick list who would gladly help with this task? More the merrier and if so could you please contact Fran ASAP. You will get your instructions before the night.
Wow, a big list of stuff going on there then.
I’m off to try and get my head around Sunday, see you there,

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