Rob’s Weekly Blog + training update w/c 23/02/15

All training sessions start at 7pm prompt!!

Monday 23rd Feb   Behind the swimming pool once more. Short intervals and exercises.  Sonja. I thought these worked quite well last week and really enjoyed them ( but I always do) .

Tuesday 24th Feb. Athletic Club.  Run on paths around town.  Brian

Wednesday 25th Feb.   Meet in Sports hall for a “little bit of technical stuff” with Peter then its,

Station Road 2 mile time trial.  Please come along and support Steve and his team of time keepers. It’s time to put on paper all this good training you have been doing and to show everyone just how good you really are! It is hoped to pick the teams for the NY/SD road relays from the times recorded  and hopefully we can the get the fastest team out at Croft. These times will also be used for the Easter handicap which is on Wednesday 1st April.
 I hope now we have a group to suit everyone so please join in and start clocking up the miles. Have you heard the birds on a morning? Spring is just around the corner which is good but it means the lawns will need cutting which isn’t so good.
I don’t know what my neighbour has for his Sunday lunch but it’s certainly not chicken, we seem to have a field full of cockerels now. To make matters worse Christine has started to snore, one night last week she was fair lifting the roof tiles. I dare not disturb her but I had this plan of trying to wedge a pillow between us and thus muffle the noise. However, as I was trying this out she woke up and accused me of trying to smoother her while in her sleep ( Now if had been her mother!!) so we had a little tete-a-tete and things turned a little bit grumpy for a while. It took a double helping of Snap, Crackle and Pop to put a smile on her face the next morning I can tell you.  It’s not all bad news because I’m going to take her to see Mo Farah this weekend so lets hope he’s in good shape and we get a world record!!
see you all soon,


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