Rob’s Weekly Blog + training update w/c 06/10/14

Monday 6th Oct. 7pm   School Gym.   
Sonja will be showing her skills as a shepherd once more!!
Sonja has a few new idea’s up her sleeve for Monday nights to help us improve, and she asks can you bring a small note book and pen so that you can make a note of the exercises after the session. 
You will then after 10 weeks have a library of exercises.
Tennis balls, foam rollers and a towel is always good to have. The tennis ball being crucial for one of the bridging exercises.
Wednesday 8th Oct. 7pm School Sports Hall.    
This week Peter will be taking the core part of the session.     
Outside   5 x 3mins/ 1rec   Head torches!!
Wednesday 8th October. AGM Athletic Club. 8.30pm.  

The next Club championship race is the Bridlington half marathon. I ran my first half marathon in 1982 and without any training I managed to finish the race in 90 minutes exactly. All these years later in my training I try to imagine myself running the same time and wondering if I could actually do it!. I have not run a half for a long, long time. Tonight Christine and I have been out on out long run on Sutton Bank and it’s not ideal prep after a speed session last night and cutting hedges all day today but we did it. The sunset was fantastically beautiful which made the effort worth while and the more enjoyable. 
                   For those who like things a bit technical then this is what we do!  We both run at the same time but not together ( I can’t run with ear plugs in!)  We both run to Snek Yat from Sutton Bank in our own time. Christine turns and runs back the same way. I run down to the forest at the bottom of the bank and come back along the forest track via Garbutts Ghyll and we both try to beat one another back. Only tonight there was a head wind all the way back and Christine caught the brunt of it with being out in the open. I like this session as it is mostly uphill all the way back which means I have to work harder in the second period which is just like it is in a race. Best of all we both beat our time of 2 weeks ago which means we are in pretty good shape! And you can’t hope for better than that.
See you all Sunday,

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