Rob’s Weekly Blog & training update w/c 06/03/14

There will be no training Mon pm.   Sit at home and eat your egg.

Tuesday 7th April.  Athletic Club. 7pm.  Social Run, probably on trail. Please look after Brian?

Wednesday 8th Athletic Club.  8pm.  On the cricket field. Interval session likely.

Sat 4th April. 9am.  First of the Fountains Parkrun club championship races. Please wear your club vest and if you are new to these races, please register on line before you go or your result will not count.I like the breakfast afterwards so try and stay a little if you can.

Easter Handicap.  I said it would be a cold, dark night and it was. We had a good turn out but I thought we might have had more. All that hard training over the winter period, don’t waste it. Come and see how good you are going. Bryan won the trophy and I think it will be his first win! ( well done Bryan) I tried to slow him down in the wood but I think he took a short cut and passed me and I never saw him again. He was closely followed by Archie who may have clocked the fastest time on the night and gosh, did he make it look easy. Results will follow shortly. A big thank you to Steve for working out all the start times and results and a big thank you to the many helpers who helped on the night.
Sorry about the rabbit holes but Sonja will be pleased you had to use quick feet to avoid them. I hope you all enjoyed the night.

Just a little bit of History.  TSH in the 1980’s hosted the Northern Cross Country Championships and part of the route you ran last night was part of the course the event was held on. Steve Cram won the Senior Men’s race and later went on to break the world record for the mile. I don’t think there were many rabbit holes back then but if there were they didn’t seem slow him down.
See you Saturday at fountains,

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