Rob’s Weekly Blog & training update for w/c 17/08/15

Monday 17th August.   7pm Athletic club
Some core work and short intervals.

Tuesday  18th August.  7pm Athletic club
Paths and trails around Thirsk.

Wednesday 19th. August.  7pm.  Sutton Bank.(car park) Summer handicap.    7.20’ish start.
Followed with a barbecue of whatever you bring.  Stopwatch Steve will have worked out you handicap, make sure you get your time before you start to warm up. Those who have not run a recent time trial can still run but will not be eligible for first prize. (Champion). Steve will give you a start time as to where he may think you will fit in.  I will bring along a truck load of goodies so all those who run will get a prize. Tesco Nige is going to bring along some fuel trays so all you need to do is bring some food to put on them.
I know harriers is fast becoming a spectator club so could we have some time keepers, scores etc please. You will also need to bring some warm clothing, maybe bring the kids, your partners and anyone else for that matter and join in the fun!! It may also be a good idea to bring along some warm, woolly gloves, if the fires won’t light then at least you will have somewhere warm to put your sausage!!

Wednesday 26th August.  Sessay Swift. There will be no training this night.  Marian is still looking for a few marshals so if you do not intend to run then perhaps you may want to put your name forward.
I see there were 25 of you ran Darlington and most of you were quite happy with your times. ( chuffed one or two remarked) This is good for this is what we were training for. If a few of you are struggling with training/racing or just struggling then maybe you could contact me and see if we can sort it out! ( try the old fashioned way and phone me direct on my mobile)  Remember, you should never have a bad race, some are just a little bit better than others.
I know within the club there are quite a few bikers, some are very, very good. I have a course which is approx 14 miles long, half road/half trail and I would describe it as more tough than technical, more like a tough training run and I just wondered if some of you would mind having a go at it. At the moment conditions are perfect and probably the last chance to get a right good time before next year as it soon turns a little bit muddy. It’s just a little project I’m busy with so if you fancy it then give me a shout ( but soon).
See you soon,Rob

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