Rob’s Weekly Blog & training update 26/01/15

Monday 26th January. 7pm School Gym.
With Sonja.  I will remember to bring some vests!!  Hopefully.


Wednesday 28th January 7pm Sports Hall.
A little bit of technical stuff ( with Peter) followed by a Time Trial.  As you will probably have seen we now have new super insurance cover for us all however it does state that if you take part in club training sessions you must wear reflective tops and not do silly things like run in the middle of the road and such like. Just thought I had better mention it. I did see a proposal that we could soon be running in two’s and holding hands but this may not happen for a while yet!


Parkrun Take 2.
Jane and Martin are hoping to run no 100 yet again this weekend. We could run in the deer park if cancelled this time!!


All coaches, please don’t forget? Athletic Club 8.30. Wednesday night. 8.30


A Date for your diary..
Wednesday 18th March.  Scarborough sands. I am letting you know in good time so,

  1. You may want to leave work early so organise it now. 2. We need to book transport. 3. The tide will be out on this night which makes it that little bit easier. 4. We don’t have the school this night. 5. It’s time we did something different. We will stop at a fish restaurant on the way back which will cost you about £12. Please let me know ASAP if you want to go.


Christine picked up a stress fracture on her big toe while in the lakes (November)  and has just started to run pain free but only on grass. She has big feet for her size which is ideal for levelling mole hills but she tends to keep catching them on sticky out things. Christine does not normally swear but she happened to catch her toe on a stool in the kitchen a short while ago but she did then!!


I have been doing Aqua Jogging intervals this past 6 weeks and after the initial clumsiness I feel as though it has all been worth while. I have just started back running and I can’t believe how strong I am and I put it partly down to this. Santa also brought me a bike for Christmas ( a brand new spanker!) and due to the cold weather I have only managed 3 longish rides in and around Kilburn woods. These turned out to be 3 of the coldest, most miserable experiences I could have ever wished for.  I was actually warmer when I went to Antarctica.

See you all soon,



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