Rob’s Weekly Blog and training update w/c 27/10/14

Half term!!
Mon 27th October. 7pm. On the cycle track just behind the swimming pool.
Road shoes will be fine and you will not need a head torch. You may need warmer clothing than you wear inside but Sonja plans to have us doing short intervals!! You may not need much clothing at all. 

Wednesday 29th October. 6.45- 7pm Athletic Club.  Time trial.  Please place your name on the start list ASAP. Slower runners first. Ideally you should be using the jog to the station car park as a warm up. ( Station start)

For late arrivals or those not quite up to distance yet the you can park at the station. 7.20’sh start. Jog back, shower and a drink in the bar.
Sadly Christine and I will not be with you this night. 1. I have a bit of an injury and 2. We will be having a wining and dining experience on the NYM railway.
Saturday 25th October.  Xcountry Filey.  If you are not already registered you can pick up your number on the finish line! No cost involved. It’s a good hard course, ideal for a good workout. Christine is a little worried about being blown off the cliff tops but I’m sure it will be fine.
Chuffing Nora. Is anyone out there aching a bit? I’m just a little bit delicate at the moment and I have Peter to thank for that. Today has been a long, long day. I was lucky enough to have Peter in my outside group last night so I gave him a few shouts back!!
Keep training, keep coming to sessions and you’ll keep improving. Group motivation is the easiest way to get the best out of your body if you commit and stay positive.
See you soon,

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