Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 27/03/16

Monday 28th March.

You have all day to finish eating your Easter eggs so we thought you wouldn’t be in a fit state for a training session so lets call this a night for recovery!!

Wednesday 30th March.  7pm Athletic Club.

Peter will have a smile on his face and has something worked out for the night, prepare for a 15- 18 minute interval session as this will depend on how severe the first bit of the session is as to how much we do. Remember the early spring nights are known to be cold so you may need to come wrapped up but this will only be for a short while, you will soon warm up.

An update from Rob

Gosh, what a brilliant turn out last weekend. A big thanks to those who gave up their day to either run or marshal, I hope you all enjoyed it. Marian and her team triumphed once again. Now you all know where I was standing and I was pleased to see you all come racing past but I’m sure you were all equally cheered on around the course. At Busby we had the corner cone’d off to make it easier to direct runners but we did get an elderly couple (in a car) take the inside route, mount the footpath and carry on– Never a dull moment at the Thirsk 10. I think we also had a runner miss the Sand Hutton turn off and went from the 6 mile marker to the 9 mile marker in pretty quick time, this could be the first time someone has done what everyone else has always wanted to do when they get to this part of the race.

Easter came a little early this year and I was hoping we could have held the Easter handicap on the country. The wood section where we usually go has quite a few fallen trees in it which would have made it quite interesting. Yes, we had quite a large turnout for the run but I don’t think we have ever had as many people turn out to watch and officiate- I’m lost for words. I can only guess you all wanted to cheer stopwatch Steve on and over the line!!  Thanks for helping out and see you all soon, Rob

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